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CN-104377753-A: Battery management system with field-effect tube breakdown detection function patent, CN-104378544-A: 一种获得图像的方法和电子设备 patent, CN-104384901-A: Centering guide system for cold assembly of valve seat patent, CN-104386043-A: Automobile water spray tank with built-in rust-proof anticorrosive layer and rust-proof anticorrosive layer arranging method patent, CN-104393669-A: 多台柴油发电机组辅助系统供电电路 patent, CN-104395201-A: 独特的分配纸盒 patent, CN-104396388-A: 一种免间苗膜侧谷子条播机 patent, CN-104398244-A: 基于物联网的远程医疗实时监护定位系统 patent, CN-104404285-A: 一种用于铝及铝合金的球磨-压制-烧结工业化制细化剂的方法 patent, CN-104405273-A: 软帘门升降结构及软帘门 patent, CN-104408261-A: 一种适用于汽车复杂结构的整车电磁兼容模型建立方法 patent, CN-104408682-A: 一种基于相息图的彩色水印的制备方法 patent, CN-104409512-A: 基于双栅极结构的低温多晶硅薄膜晶体管及其制备方法 patent, CN-104411027-A: 一种碳纤维发热板及其生产工艺 patent, CN-104414178-A: Special dining table with shielding umbrella for outdoor dining patent, CN-104417264-A: 一种后桥桥壳总成 patent, CN-104427685-A: Controllable rotary lamp control circuit patent, CN-104432254-A: 一种芥末即食软壳虾及其制备方法 patent, CN-104434126-A: Recording device for upper limp tremor during sleeping patent, CN-104438855-A: Punching forming clamp patent, CN-104445735-A: Treatment method of wastewater in hydrogen peroxide industry patent, CN-104448396-A: Chemical and physical crosslinking based dual-network cellulose gel system material patent, CN-104449696-A: Fluorescence probe and preparation method thereof, and detection method for oxytetracycline in milk patent, CN-104461710-A: 任务处理方法及装置 patent, CN-104464144-A: 安装具有摄像机的pir传感器的方法 patent, CN-104467961-A: Communication device patent, CN-104468552-A: 一种接入控制方法和装置 patent, CN-104469587-A: 耳机 patent, CN-104470670-A: Electrode tip-grinding method patent, CN-104472515-A: 家庭园艺用印楝素泡腾片及生产工艺 patent, CN-104475981-A: Cylindrical unsealed part accurate laser processing method patent, CN-104482003-A: Concealed tenon jointed furniture round material combination patent, CN-104488555-A: Illuminance-controllable edible fungus incubator patent, CN-104492208-A: 一种湿式风机泡沫旋涡流除尘处理装置 patent, CN-104493293-A: Slitting saw disc grinder patent, CN-104497736-A: Double-component transparent glass thermal-insulating coating and preparation method thereof patent, CN-104506323-A: 一种网络电台及其控制方法 patent, CN-104506481-A: 一种移动通信网络认证方法 patent, CN-104518935-A: Method for realizing virtual network communication, device, and system patent, CN-104520470-A: Reduction of radiation thermometry bias errors in a CVD reactor patent, CN-104522735-A: 五参虫草甲鱼药膳及其制备方法 patent, CN-104526612-A: Production machining clamp device patent, CN-104527111-A: High-precision and strong-power hydraulic machine patent, CN-104528670-A: 一种石墨相氮化硼纳米圆片及其胶体的制备方法 patent, CN-104531533-A: Composite microbial inoculant for controlling plant continuous-cropping diseases and preparation method and application thereof patent, CN-104533316-A: Underground stepping type bit pressure loading device and control method thereof patent, CN-104534593-A: 一种机房节能空调装置及制冷方法 patent, CN-104537296-A: Doodle unlocking method of terminal device and terminal device patent, CN-104543583-A: 一种能改善猪肉质量的微生态制剂猪饲料 patent, CN-104544574-A: 电子烟 patent, CN-104544784-A: Tooth selection locating mechanism of metal zipper tooth punching machine patent, CN-104545170-A: 一种新型结构的被套 patent, CN-104548918-A: Process and system for reducing particle content after flue gas desulfurization patent, CN-104549383-A: 一种具有拟薄水铝石结构的中孔活性材料及其应用 patent, CN-104553386-A: Outer-ring-rotatable official seal and encryption method thereof patent, CN-104556391-A: 一种废水的人工湿地净化方法 patent, CN-104558824-A: Polypropylene composition and preparation method thereof patent, CN-104563171-A: 一种钢管桩锤击沉桩的贯入度检测装置及检测方法 patent, CN-104566327-A: Nuclear power plant steam generator blowdown system and flow regulating valve anti-cavitation method thereof patent, CN-104568147-A: 用于酶标仪的单色器 patent, CN-104570512-A: Array substrate, display panel and display device patent, CN-104570616-A: Self-reference scattering measurement device and method patent, CN-104573236-A: 一种基于连续系统仿真验证的剖分有限元方法 patent, CN-104579323-A: Second-level frequency-phase detection charge pump phase-locked loop patent, CN-104580502-A: Method for achieving load balance dual-unit hot standby patent, CN-104584336-A: 容易分离插头的插座单元以及利用该插座单元的多功能插座装置 patent, CN-104586592-A: 一种心内科重症患者护理系统 patent, CN-104593398-A: Engineering bacterium with high L-aspartic acid alpha carboxylase activity, and its application in production of beta-alanine patent, CN-104593977-A: Method and system for automatically controlling textile dyeing patent, CN-104598577-A: 一种网页正文的提取方法 patent, CN-104601077-A: 一种基于空间矢量调制的高速永磁电机谐波电流补偿系统 patent, CN-104604027-A: 天线装置和方法 patent, CN-104606861-A: 刚性可调节式复合碳纤维棒球棒 patent, CN-104608454-A: Radiation neutralizing film for electronic product and preparation method for radiation neutralizing film patent, CN-104613923-A: Evaluation system and evaluation method for deformation monitoring safety patent, CN-104615083-A: Curved surface tool path contour error compensation method based tool location point correction patent, CN-104619216-A: 感应加热容器 patent, CN-104625099-A: Polishing wheel expansion assembly for lathe patent, CN-104629990-A: 一种鲜花酒及其制备方法 patent, CN-104639378-A: Automatic server deployment method based on PXE (pre-boot execution environment) patent, CN-104643130-A: Making method of spicy dried sour meat patent, CN-104650803-A: Preparation method for novel asphalt cold-mixing cold-paving adhesive patent, CN-104652283-A: Asynchronous splicing construction method for symmetrically splicing main steel girder erection cranes of cable-stayed bridge patent, CN-104660421-A: Online charging system and control method for communication service by using online charging system patent, CN-104666494-A: 一种杜仲灸疗制品及其制备方法 patent, CN-104668752-A: Large angle steel angle cutting mechanical device patent, CN-104670014-A: 用于减小作用力的车辆的离合器踏板装置 patent, CN-104670496-A: 一种六轴式农药喷雾飞行装置及控制方法 patent, CN-104678476-A: 一种基于干涉法的衍射光学元件 patent, CN-104679682-A: 基于高速dsp的通信板 patent, CN-104682411-A: 一种永磁直驱式风电系统的混合储能系统结构及控制方法 patent, CN-104696450-A: Triple clutch multi-speed transmission patent, CN-104699738-A: 一种基于web端的信息分类方法、装置及系统 patent, CN-104701517-A: Method for preparing NH4V3O8 anode material for lithium ion battery patent, US-5576736-A: Visually effective image switching apparatus patent, CN-104702673-A: 一种服务信息的获取方法及可穿戴设备 patent, CN-104708502-A: Method for machining tiny grooves through ultrasonic grinding patent, CN-104710131-A: Cement hydration rate regulation material, and preparation method and application thereof patent, CN-104716038-A: 复合快恢复二极管及其制备方法 patent, CN-104716992-A: 可更新信号的信号装置以及更新方法和装置 patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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